Interactive API Docs—A Feature of FastAPI

Explore the benefits of the automatic UI documentation offered by FastAPI.

Introduction to automatic UI documentation

One of the major benefits of FastAPI is that it is fully compatible with open standards for APIs, OpenAPI and JSON Schema. It provides an automatic UI generated for testing our entire API and its different routes. If you’ve previously used Postman, you’ll be able to see that FastAPI provides the same thing. Any API consumer can visit this UI to test all the routes and see what different parameters, header, body, and so on are required as well as the response from the API.

Trying the API documentation provided by Swagger UI

The following is detailed information about Swagger UI:

The Swagger UI is a visualization tool that helps the development team or even the end customers interact with all the APIs developed in the back-end without exposing the implementation logic of those APIs. The UI is automatically generated using the OpenAPI Specification which makes the testing of the APIs really easy.

The following is detailed information about OpenAPI:

The OpenAPI specification aims to provide a common language-agnostic interface description for HTTP API calls. This specification allows consumers to easily discover and interact with the remote services without requiring additional documentation or code.

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