Custom Translator Model - Creating and Uploading the Dataset

Learn to build a custom translator model to translate text from one language to another language using the Azure Custom Translator portal.


So far we’ve used the already trained translator service from Azure. In this lesson, we’ll build a custom translator that will translate English text to Spanish text. We’ll use the Custom Translator portal to build and deploy this model.

To work on this chapter, you’ll need a Standard tier subscription to the translator service. You will only be able to train the custom model in the Free tier. To deploy the custom translator model for consumption, you would need to have a Paid subscription.


Now let’s move on to the implementation in a step-by-step manner.

Creating the project and uploading the dataset

You can follow the steps shown in the below slides to create a project in the Custom Translator portal and upload the dataset. For learning purposes, we will only use a very small dataset that contains the word mappings (called phrase dictionary) from English to Spanish. You can download the dataset below:

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