What is a Content Moderator?

Get an introduction to Azure's Content Moderator service and learn how to create a Content Moderator resource in Azure.


As we all know, there is a huge amount of content created every single day. Some of the content needs to be moderated by the systems or even manually for their compliance and to maintain a healthy environment for the users.

Azure offers its Content Moderation service to build applications and integrate the content moderation service to analyze text, images, and videos for verifying the compliance of the content and flag the content that is identified as offensive, risky, or non-compliant with the government or within an organization.


Let’s explore some of the use-cases where the content moderation service can play a vital role.

  • E-commerce applications need to moderate the product catalogs and other user-generated content like user reviews related to a product.

  • Gaming applications where user-generated game artifacts and chat rooms need to moderate so that no illegal activities can be executed.

  • One of the best applications is social media applications. Here, all the content is user-generated and needs a high moderation capability.


Now, that we understand the service and its potential use-cases, let’s explore the features of the content moderator service and see what it offers.

  • Text moderation: It offers the moderation of text and provides results related to offensive content, adult or suggestive content, profanity, and personal data.
  • Image moderation: It offers the moderation of images and provides results related to adult or suggestive content, text content extraction using OCR, and detecting faces.
  • Video moderation: It also offers moderation of videos for adult or racy content and returns time markers for identified content.

Creating a content moderator service

To move forward, we need a content moderator resource to be created. Follow the below steps to create the resource.

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