Mastering NullReferenceException Prevention in C#

Mastering NullReferenceException Prevention in C#


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AI Explanations
Mastering NullReferenceException Prevention in C#
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Takeaway Skills

An understanding of NullReferenceException and when it can be thrown

A working knowledge of C# nullable operators to simplify null checks

The ability to identify problematic code blocks using C# nullable references

Familiarity with the Option wrapper to avoid NullReferenceException

The ability to avoid NullReferenceException when working with some LINQ methods

Course Overview

NullReferenceException is an error that programmers frequently encounter, and it is often referred to as the Billion Dollar Mistake. This course is designed to assist you in avoiding this error. You will begin by gaining an understanding of when NullReferenceException is thrown and how to prevent null in your code. You’ll also learn how to employ nullable operators to simplify null checks and use nullable references and the Option wrapper to identify problematic code blocks. Finally, you will explore avoid...Show More


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