Accessing the Cluster: Adding the Load Balancer

Learn to create resources based on a kOps add-on file and verify the addition of a new load balancer to our cluster.

kOps add-ons

kOps has a solution for the addition of a load balancer. We can use kOps add-ons to deploy additional core services. We can get the list of those currently available by exploring directories in the Github repository. Even though most of them are useful, we’ll focus only on the task at hand.

In most cases, add-ons are Kubernetes resources defined in a YAML file. All we have to do is pick the add-on we want, choose the version we prefer, and execute kubectl create.

We’ll create the resources defined in ingress-nginx version v1.6.0.

Creating resources

We won’t go into details behind the definition YAML file we are about to use to create the resources kops assembled for us. Instead, we’ll proceed with kubectl create.

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