Creating a Cluster: Creating an S3 Bucket and Installing kOps

In this lesson, we will take our first steps towards creating a cluster by creating an S3 bucket and installing kops.

Naming the cluster

We’ll start by deciding the name of our cluster. We’ll call it devops23.k8s.local. The latter part of the name (.k8s.local) is mandatory if we do not have a DNS. kOps uses this naming convention to decide whether to create a gossip-based cluster or to rely on a publicly available domain.

If this would be a “real” production cluster, you would probably have a DNS for it, or if you have your own DNS and you are planning to use it to set up cluster, there will be minor additional steps to the things we have done so far, please refer to this kOps for exact steps.

However, since we cannot be sure whether you have your own DNS for the exercises in this course, we’ll proceed with the gossip mode.

We’ll store the name in an environment variable so that it is easily accessible.

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