What's Next?

Review what we’ve learned so far and what we will learn next.

We'll cover the following


In this chapter, we explored some of the essential functions of Ingress resources and controllers. To be more concrete, we examined almost all those functions that are defined in the Ingress API.

One notable feature we did not explore is TLS configuration. Without it, our services cannot serve HTTPS requests. To enable it, we’d need to configure Ingress to offload SSL certificates.

There are two reasons we did not explore TLS. For one, we do not have a valid SSL certificate. On top of that, we did not yet study Kubernetes Secrets. We suggest that you explore SSL setup yourself once you decide which Ingress controller to use. Secrets, on the other hand, will be explained soon.

We’ll explore other Ingress controllers once we move our cluster to “real” servers that we’ll create with one of the hosting vendors. Until then, you might benefit from reading the NGINX Ingress controller documentation in more detail. Specifically, we suggest that you pay close attention to its annotations.

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