Sequential Breakdown of the Process

Learn the sequential processes kicked off by a Service creation.

We'll cover the following

The sequence

The processes that were initiated with the creation of the Service are as follows:

  1. Kubernetes client (kubectl) sent a request to the API server requesting the creation of the Service based on Pods created through the go-demo-2 ReplicaSet.

  2. The endpoint controller is watching the API server for new Service events. It detects that there is a new Service object.

  3. The endpoint controller creates endpoint objects with the same name as the Service, and it uses the Service selector to identify endpoints (in this case, the IP and the port of go-demo-2 Pods).

  4. The kube-proxy is watching for Service and endpoint objects. It detects that there is a new Service and a new endpoint object.

  5. The kube-proxy adds iptables rules which capture traffic to the Service port and redirect it to endpoints. For each endpoint object, it adds an iptables rule, which selects a Pod.

  6. The kube-dns add-on is watching for a Service object. It detects that there is a new Service.

  7. The kube-dns added db's record to the server (skydns).

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