What's Next?

Review what we’ve learned so far and what we’ll learn next.

We'll cover the following


With the exception of emptyDir, our choice of volume type demonstrated in this chapter was not simply based on the ability to use them in a Minikube cluster. Each of these three volume types will be an essential piece in the chapters that follow.

  • We’ll use hostPath to access the Docker server from inside containers.

  • The gitRepo volume type will be very significant once we start designing a continuous deployment pipeline.

  • The emptyDir type will be required as long as we use Minikube. Until we have a better solution for creating a Kubernetes cluster, emptyDir will continue to be used in our Minikube examples.

We have only scratched the surface with volumes. There are at least two more types that we should explore inside Minikube, and one when we change to a different solution for creating a cluster.

The volumes that we’ll explore throughout the rest of the course are topics deep enough to deserve a separate chapter or, as we already mentioned, require that we get rid of Minikube.

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