Cloak Agile Process

Learn about the challenges and common pitfalls in characterizing a process as agile and some guidelines to address this problem.

Labeling agile challenge

Agile processes are trendy. Everybody wants to label all their products and services as “agile.” Furthermore, the manifesto is written in a way that is very hard to disagree with. Even hardcore linear process fans will agree that people are the most important subject in project development. Therefore, glancing at the manifesto will not help to characterize an agile process. On top of that, there are no formal, explicit, or hard criteria that define an agile process. This makes it easy to sell every process as an agile one. Although some of the agile processes are described in every detail because they serve as a starting line and can be adapted according to the team’s needs, they can change over time. Consequently, they may change during the course of the development cycle, so that they no longer reflect their original definition.

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