The Agile Manifesto

Get an overview of the "Agile Manifesto" and some agile methods that talk about large projects.

The Agile Alliance

The Agile Alliance is a federation of representatives of what was formerly known as lightweight processes. The best-known members of the Agile Alliance are probably:

  • Adaptive Software Development
  • Crystal Methodologies
  • Extreme Programming
  • Feature-Driven Development
  • Scrum

Despite the fact that a competitive relationship exists among all representatives of agile processes, they were able to come up with a conclusion in the manifesto. According to James Highsmith, there are no plans to develop this conclusion toward a unified agile process.

The manifesto

Below are the main points of interest in the manifesto:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools: In the center of all agile processes is the individual. This means an agile process will never be introduced or established over the heads of the project members. The project members are the ones who determine and fine-tune the agile process.

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