Company Culture Shapes Individuals: Skills and Employee Training

Often, we will find that large companies attract, for the most part, developers of average or below-average skills. In order to enhance skills and, more importantly, to make the job more interesting and challenging, it is essential that we establish a learning environment that makes it fun to learn.

Large company recruitment traits

The reason that large companies tend to attract less skilled developers might be connected to the bureaucracy that large companies fall victim to. Even if skilled and ambitious developers believe that the company is big, they come in with the impression that they can be as creative as they like without anybody high up in the hierarchy finding out; the truth, however, will soon set in and the developer’s ambition will turn into frustration.

Large companies tend to pay staff according to the industry standard and not individual performance. Also, a small company often provides less job security than a larger one. Consequently, people, who do not want to take any risks tend to work for large companies.

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