Culture of Change: Force Courage

Learn what is meant by accepting and embracing change and how to nurture this culture of change.

Accepting and embracing change also means understanding that errors are part of the process. An agile process is not intended to “do it right the first time.” Instead, it is based on the idea that this sends the wrong message. Expecting to get it right the first time implies that:

  • We can’t be uncertain.
  • We can’t experiment.
  • We can’t learn from mistakes.
  • We can’t deviate from the plan.

In summary, this strategy will prevent us from learning from experience. Naturally, we will get better over time, and it would be a waste of money not to profit from our learnings.

With the option of correcting a decision after we have made it (doing it right the second time), we have the ability to question the suitability of people to their roles. Many projects have failed due to people being in the wrong position.

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