Feature #1: Group Similar Titles

Implementing the "Group Similar Titles" feature for our "Netflix" project.


First, we need to figure out a way to individually group all the character combinations of each title. Suppose the content library contains the following titles: "duel", "dule", "speed", "spede", "deul", "cars". How would you efficiently implement a functionality so that if a user misspells speed as spede, they are shown the correct title?

We want to split the list of titles into sets of words so that all words in a set are anagrams. In the above list, there are three sets: {"duel", "dule", "deul"}, {"speed", "spede"}, and {"cars"}. Search results should comprise all members of the set that the search string is found in. We should pre-compute these sets instead of forming them when the user searches a title.

Here is an illustration of this process:

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