Creating an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster with jx

We’ll create an AKS cluster with all the tools installed and configured.

Cluster name, resource group, location and nodes

We’ll name the cluster with a unique value (--cluster-name) and let it reside inside its own group jxrocks-group (--resource-group-name). It’ll run inside the eastus location (--location) and on Standard_D2s_v3 (2 CPUs and 8GB RAM) machines (--node-vm-size). The number of nodes will be set to three (--nodes).

Default admin password

We’ll also set the default Jenkins X password to admin ( --default-admin-password). Otherwise, the process will create a random one.

Default environment prefix

Finally, we’ll set jx-rocks as the default environment prefix (--default-environment-prefix). A part of the process, we will create a few repositories (one for staging and the other for production), and that prefix will be used to form their names. We won’t go into much detail about those environments and repositories just yet as that is reserved for one of the follow-up chapters.

Feel free to change any of the values in the command that follows to suit your needs better. After all, this is only a practice, and you’ll be able to destroy the cluster and recreate it later with different values.

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