What Now?

This lesson concludes the discussion regarding importing existing projects and gives instructions to free up the used resources.

We'll cover the following

Now is a good time for you to take a break.

If you are planning to move to the next chapter there are no cleanup actions to do. Just continue on to the next chapter.

How to free up the resources?

If you created a cluster only for the purpose of the exercises we executed, please destroy it. We’ll start the next chapter from scratch as a way to save you from running your cluster longer than necessary and pay more than needed to your hosting vendor. If you created the cluster or installed Jenkins X using one of the Gists from the beginning of this chapter, you’ll find the instructions on how to destroy the cluster or uninstall everything at the bottom.

If you did choose to destroy the cluster or to uninstall Jenkins X, please remove the repositories we created as well as the local files. You can use the commands that follow for that.

⚠️ Please replace [...] with your GitHub user before executing the commands that follow.

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