Installing Istio, Prometheus, and Flagger

We’ll install all the tools we need as Jenkins X add-ons. They are an excellent way to install and integrate tools. However, add-ons might not provide you with all the options you can use to tweak those tools to your specific needs. Later on, once you adopt Jenkins X in production, you should evaluate whether you want to continue using the add-ons or you prefer to set up those tools in some other way. The latter might give you more freedom. For now, add-ons are the easiest way to set up what we need, so we’ll roll with them.

Installing Istio and Prometheus #

Before we install Istio in our cluster, we’ll need to install istioctl (its command-line tool). Instead of showing you the instructions on how to do that, please go to the Istio Releases, download the package for your operating system, unpack it, move it to the folder that is in your PATH, and make sure that it is executable. If you already have istioctl, make sure that it is version 1.5+. If it’s not, please upgrade it.

Now we’re ready to install Istio in our cluster.

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