What Now?

This lesson contains the instructions to free up the used resources.

We'll cover the following

As you saw, converting our applications into serverless deployments with Knative is trivial. The same can be said for all the projects we start from now on. Jenkins X buildpacks already contain everything we need, and the only action on our part is either to change the knativeDeploy variable or to use the jx edit deploy command to make Knative deployments default for all new projects.

How to free up the resources

Now you need to decide whether to continue using the cluster or to destroy it. If you choose to destroy it or to uninstall Jenkins X, you’ll find the instructions at the bottom of the Gist you chose at the beginning of this chapter.

If you destroyed the cluster or you uninstalled Jenkins X, please remove the repositories and the local files we created. You can use the commands that follow for that.

⚠️ Please replace [...] with your GitHub user.

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