Processing Real-world Data Efficiently with Rust


31 Lessons


Certificate of Completion

6 Projects
7 Assessments
170 Playgrounds
20 Illustrations

Takeaway Skills

An understanding of how to integrate Rust programs in a modern data science and data analysis workflow

Familiarity with the main five data-related skills—data input and storage, serving and analyzing data, and data visualization

Hands-on experience with intermediate to advanced Rust programming and mastering the secrets of functional programming

Hands-on experience managing real-world data using Rust

Course Overview

Rust is a fast-growing, modern programming language oriented to system programming that guarantees memory and thread safety. It enables you to eliminate many classes of bugs at compile-time. This course covers all the skills needed to work with real-world data using...Show More


How You'll Learn

Hands-on Coding Environments

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No Set-up Required

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Progress You Can Show

Built-in assessments let you test your skills. Completion certificates let you show them off.