Challenge: Build a Sensor Monitoring System

Get an overview of a sensor data monitoring system and implement it using concurrency.

Problem statement

Imagine you are building a real-time sensor data monitoring system for a manufacturing plant. The system needs to process data from various sensors, such as temperature, pressure, and vibration sensors, in real time. The objective is to identify any anomalies or critical conditions that could indicate potential issues in the manufacturing process. You will implement the solution using threads, multiprocessing, and queues to ensure timely and efficient data analysis.


Implement the following in your programming challenge:

Sensor simulation

  • Create classes representing different types of sensors, such as temperature, pressure, and vibration sensors.

  • Simulate the generation of sensor data, including values and timestamps.

Data processing and alerting

  • Implement data processing functions for each sensor type to analyze and detect anomalies.

  • Utilize threads to process data from multiple sensors concurrently.

  • Generate alerts when anomalies are detected while minimizing duplicate alerts.

Main program

  • Create instances of sensor classes and set up threads to process sensor data.

  • Join the threads to ensure proper termination of the program.

Note: You may practice writing your code in the playground below before moving to its solution lesson.

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