Challenge: Develop a Data Aggregation System

Get an overview of a data aggregation system and implement it using advanced design patterns.

Problem statement

In the domain of Internet of Things (IoT), various devices generate data in different formats and protocols. Your task is to design a data aggregation system that collects data from diverse IoT devices, standardizes the data, and stores it in a centralized database for analysis and monitoring.


Perform the tasks below to complete this challenge:

Generate device interfaces

  • Create abstract interfaces for different types of IoT devices, such as TemperatureSensor, HumiditySensor, and MotionSensor.

  • Define concrete classes that implement these interfaces for different devices, using simulated data for testing.

Develop device adapters

  • Design adapter classes for each type of IoT device, adapting their unique data formats to a common data structure.

  • These adapters should implement the respective device interfaces and internally handle the translation of device-specific data to the standardized data structure.

Build the data aggregation system

  • Create a DataAggregator class that manages the collection of data from various IoT devices.
  • The DataAggregator should accept instances of the device adapters and collect data from each device using the common data structure.
  • Store the standardized data in a centralized database for further analysis.

Your solution will implicitly utilize the Adapter design pattern to handle the diversity of IoT device data formats.

Note: You may practice writing your code in the playground below before moving to its solution lesson.

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