Challenge: Design an Order Processing System

Get an overview of an order processing system and design its class diagram.

We'll cover the following

Problem statement

Every time you place an order at a store, have you ever wondered about the process behind the final delivery? Your order may arrive very quickly, sometimes before the estimated delivery date. How does the business handle all orders and payments? How can they efficiently meet the needs of so many customers, from orders to doorstep delivery? This process is called order management, and it basically tracks customer orders and manages the steps taken to fulfill them.

Tracking orders may be relatively easy at the start. The best thing at the time was taking orders. But as the business grows, as sales increase, channels increase, products are added to the inventory, and the customer base grows, potential roadblocks can arise. With more and more orders, it becomes more complicated. Then it is difficult to deal with each step. Providing customers with accurate shipping information and tracking updates is crucial to customer retention. It is a powerful way to improve the customer’s shopping experience.

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