Special Search Functions

The functions listed in this lesson make searching more efficient.

Ordered associative containers are optimized for searching, and so they offer unique search functions.

Seach function Description
ordAssCont.count(key) Returns the number of values with the key.
ordAssCont.find(key) Returns the iterator of key in ordAssCont. If there is no key in ordAssCont it returns ordAssCont.end().
ordAssCont.lower_bound(key) Returns the iterator to the first key in ordAssCont in which key would be inserted.
ordAssCont.upper_bound(key) Returns the last position of key in ordAssCont in which key would be inserted.
ordAssCont.equal_range(key) Returns the range ordAssCont.lower bound(key) and ordAssCont.upper_bound(key) in a std::pair.

Special search functions of the ordered associative containers

Now, the application of the special search functions.

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