Learn about maintainability, how to measure it, and its relationship with reliability.

What is maintainability?

Besides building a system, one of the main tasks afterward is keeping the system up and running by finding and fixing bugs, adding new functionalities, keeping the system’s platform updated, and ensuring smooth system operations. One of the salient features to define such requirements of an exemplary system design is maintainability. We can further divide the concept of maintainability into three underlying aspects:

  1. Operability: This is the ease with which we can ensure the system’s smooth operational running under normal circumstances and achieve normal conditions under a fault.
  2. Lucidity: This refers to the simplicity of the code. The simpler the code base, the easier it is to understand and maintain it, and vice versa.
  3. Modifiability: This is the capability of the system to integrate modified, new, and unforeseen features without any hassle.

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