Wrapping Up the Building Blocks Discussion

Get an overview of what we have learned and what is yet to be discussed.

We'll cover the following

We have covered a good number of building blocks that will enable us to solve bigger design problems. In the coming chapters, we’ll solve a variety of problems that will use various building blocks.

Since we’ve already covered the building blocks, we can focus on solving bigger design problems. From this point onwards, we’ll assume that you’re well acquainted with all the discussed building blocks when we use them in our coming design problems.

What’s next?

We’ll learn and explore thirteen design problems in the next chapters. We’ll study the following system designs:

Each of these designs is an independent chapter, but we recommend that you go through these chapters in the assigned order. Some problems have background material that is helpful in other design problems. For example, working through the Google Maps problem first can be useful for readers interested in learning about the Uber design problem.

We’ll conclude our course with the “Spectacular Failures” chapter, where we’ll discuss how a minor bug or mistake led to a significant outage or failure of some of the most successful systems designed. At the end, you can take a mock interview with our AI assistant, Edward.