Conclusion on Dashboard Calendar

Let's conclude what we have learned so far and upload our updated application to GitHub.

We'll cover the following

What have we done so far?

In this chapter:

  1. We installed a third-party library to add a calendar component within our dashboard.
  2. We created a new service method to retrieve events for a given user.
  3. We added a call to this method within our DashboardComponent, adding the events to the calendar component.
  4. We got all the functionality provided to us by angular-calendar with only a few, small modifications to the events returned to us from the API.

Between angular-calendar, the Google Places API, and the date-time picker we used within our Event Create form, we can see how much functionality we can provide to users while using a variety of libraries available to us within the open-source community.

There are times when custom code must be written for specific use cases. But in other scenarios, we can leverage what’s already been made to fit our needs.

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