Setup and Routing

Let's create the events module and component and set the paths to configure routing.

We'll cover the following

In this chapter, we’ll provide users with the ability to create events. Providing users the ability to view and edit will come in later chapters.

Within these events, users will specify a title, an optional description, and choose a location with cities populated for us using the Google Maps Places API. They’ll also be able to select a start and end date using a third-party library which will present the user with a calendar, along with the ability to specify a time on a specific date.

Because this chapter and the form to create an event relies on third-party libraries, it will be the most complex form that we’ll create.

Setup and routing

First, begin by creating the module for our event-related features.

ng g module event --routing

Then we create our component.

ng g component event/event-create

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