Recreate the Project App

Let's recreate our application with the name "lets-get-lunch" using a slightly modified command.

To begin, we’ll create our first component. This component will be rather basic, because it’s merely our application’s home page. More importantly, we’ll set up the routing scaffolding our application needs.

Recreate: Let’s get lunch app

Because our previous app was simply an example to illustrate concepts, we’re going to create a new app that we’ll use for the remainder of this course.

Click on the terminal below to connect it. Then create the new app in the app-code directory using this ng new command.

ng new lets-get-lunch --routing --style=css
  • --routing: We added the --routing flag in the above command, which tells Angular to set up a routing module for us.
  • --style: We’ve added the --style flag setting its value to css to specify our stylesheet format. This simply sets default values for the CLI prompts we saw earlier in Get Your Feet Wet with Angular.

Note: Git may ask you to set your account’s identity before its initialization. For this, use the following commands to set your email address and username.

git config --global ""
git config --global "Your Name"

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