E2E Testing with Cypress

Learn to write and configure signup E2E tests.

We'll cover the following

Now that our Signup feature is complete and it’s redirecting users to our dashboard, we’re going to write the E2E tests. Unlike the unit tests, which are tested entirely within Angular with no API necessary, the E2E tests will require that our API and test database are up and running. These tests will open a browser and interact with the application, as we have been doing up to this point to test functionality. Now, it’s time to automate that.

If this is your first time working with Cypress, it’s advised that you check the lesson Install and Run Cypress in the appendix of this course. That lesson covers the installation and use of Cypress. In this lesson and moving forward, we will start by directly writing E2E tests.

Signup E2E test

The first thing to do is create the file for our tests that test our signup feature.

touch cypress/integration/signup.js

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