Let's Get Lunch: The Project App

We’ll briefly introduce the project we’re building in this course along with some conventions used.

We'll cover the following

What are we building?

  • We’re going to imagine that we work for a company building an internal tool to help employees coordinate lunches and happy hours. We’ll refer to the application as “Let’s Get Lunch.”

  • Like in most applications, we’ll let users choose a username and password and select their dietary preferences when creating their account.

  • After creating an account, users can then create events, specifying a start date, end date, and location. They’ll be able to view these events on a dashboard via a user-friendly calendar.

  • Within these events, users will see a list of people who have RSVPd to the event (those who plan to attend). We’ll also provide a comment section within events so users can discuss details in the app.

  • In addition to comments, we’ll also let users suggest locations for an event.