Public APIs

Learn about some publicly available APIs that will help you make your apps more concrete.

One of the best pieces of advice we can give to you to further solidify the concepts within Angular is to just keep building. In this course, everything was provided upfront, including the API. This is great for practice, but for real world applications, it’s important to learn how to make an API as well! Below are a couple of public options to help you out. And if you still want to learn how to build APIs from scratch, you can check out our course Developing Fast and Secure APIs in Laravel.

Public APIs

Thankfully, there are public APIs that you can use to build more web applications. Here are a few worth considering.


PokéAPI contains all the Pokémon data imaginable. In fact, it’s the API used in the tutorials written for AngularJS testing.

Create a new application and build something utilizing this API like a Pokédex that provides additional details about each Pokémon. Browse the API documentation, see what’s available, and make something!

CoinMarketCap API

CoinMarketCap API contains information about a variety of cryptocurrencies. Combine this data with a charting library to compare metrics like market cap and percent change in price between various cryptocurrencies.

Other public APIs

These are just two APIs worth considering, but there are plenty of others you can find here.

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