Verifying the Database

Let's verify the creation of our database.

We'll cover the following

Database verification

Let’s verify the creation of our database now that our API is ready to run.

  1. There’s a Robo 3T and API widget at the end of this topic. Click on the “run” button.

  2. Once you see the ready message logged in the terminal, shift to the “output” tab or open Robo 3T and follow the steps mentioned in the Tools and Technical Requirements lesson to start Robo 3T.

  3. Now we’ll connect Robo 3T to the database:

    1. You should see a window with an empty list of connections. At the top left, click “Create.”
    2. Enter a name for your connection, something like angular-course, and verify that the address is set to and the port number next to it is 27017.
    3. Click “Save,” select your new connection, and click “Connect.”

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