Become a Machine Learning Engineer. Free of charge

We're giving scholarships to our best-selling Machine Learning track to 1,000 learners this month.

Why Machine Learning?

Be in demand

From 2015-2018, there was a growth of more than 340% in the number of Machine Learning job openings.

Make more money

Machine Learning Engineers are some of the highest paid in the world, averaging more than $145,000 / year in the US.

Stay on the cutting edge

Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition have been at the core of most tech innovation in the 21st Century.

We're giving 1,000 learners the chance to become Machine Learning Engineers - free of charge. This is our small way of sharing some positivity with the community.

The Educative Experience

We focus on just the skills you'll need for a job in ML. We won't throw the kitchen sink at you. You won't start off with a university math course. Instead, you'll be writing code - early and often.

Learn at your own pace

Our courses are text-based, so you can skim along (or double back) at your own speed, not someone else’s.

Loved by developers

Educative is trusted by 255,000 learners of all experience levels. You’re sure to find something you can sink your teeth into.

We handle the setup. You focus on learning

Each course is loaded with pre-configured coding environments to let you practice as you learn. No set-up, ever.

import tensorflow

# Your code goes here.

hello = tensorflow.constant('Hello, TensorFlow!')
tensorflow_session = tensorflow.Session()
operation_result =


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How long will I get access for?

You'll get full access to the learning track for 3 months from the date you claim the scholarship.

What do I need to get started?

A computer with an internet connection, and some Python skills. That's about it.

What happens when my 3 months are over?

We'll save your progress, and you'll have the chance to get Educative Unlimited to continue your learning for as long as you like.

Who were the courses written by?

The courses in this learning track were written by AdaptiLab, a Seattle-based SaaS startup helping companies grow their machine learning teams.

Will I need a credit card to take the courses?

Nope - no credit card is needed.

Anything else you'd like to ask?

We’re happy to chat. Email us at Amanda