Color Palette and Backgrounds

Let's learn how you can spark joy with color palettes and backgrounds.

Constrained color palette

Additionally, having a constrained color palette can help you keep a consistent brand identity and instill personality.

Pick a primary “accent” or “highlight” color to match your personality:

  • Blue: safe, familiar
  • Gold: expensive, sophisticated
  • Pink: fun, not so serious

You can blend your chosen color with grey for secondary content and lighter grey for tertiary content.

Don’t use system defaults for colors

Don’t use system defaults for colors, they tend to be too harsh. Here’s an example blue palette:

  • Black: #1d1d1d
  • Purple: #b066ff
  • Blue: #203447
  • Light Blue: #1f4662
  • Blue2: #1C2F40
  • Yellow: #ffc600
  • Pink: #EB4471
  • White: #d7d7d7

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