Join the Conversation

Let's explore how you can interact with people on Twitter.


Twitter is very egalitarian; the very promise of the platform is that anybody can reply to someone and potentially get noticed. However, the way you reply can deeply affect the relationships you make, the branding you establish, and your internal emotional state. As you figure out what kind of people you like to follow, you also build some idea of the “rules of engagement” you can use for yourself. This next part concerns how you interact with others.

Interaction with others

Probably at the top of the heap in terms of concerns is the balance of personal vs. professional. How much of your “whole self” do you share in public, or how much do you “stay in your lane”? It isn’t a binary decision - people want to interact with human beings, not bots-- but there is some balance that will be more right for you than others. Everyone has a filter; you will need to decide what yours is.

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