The Emotional Journey of Your Coding Career

Let's discuss the emotional journey of your coding career.

How you feel

The ultimate “health check” for your “operating system” is how you feel. This includes your emotions and mental health. We haven’t talked much about this in this course, but how you feel is valid, and it matters. It’s okay to take mental health days off work, and it’s okay to talk about your feelings and ask for help.

Learn how to be happy

Our culture, our mentors, and even this course venerates constant learning and learning how to learn. This is great for personal growth. We have so many workaholics that the industry constantly stresses work-life balance, and many successful people ignore it. We will never be satisfied until we also learn how to be happy.

Learn to forgive yourself

Despite reading everything in this course, you’re still going to make strategic mistakes and tactical errors. Learn to forgive yourself. When we wake up one day and find what we have is good enough, we find peace.

Keep in mind the emotional journey of creating anything great:

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