Your Twitter Feed

Let's explore how you can control your Twitter feed.

Control inflow of information

The first thing you need to get control over is the inflow of information. This is a matter of signal to noise. Some people may be a lot “noisier” than others. Tweeting about stuff you have no interest in. It will take a while to learn what people share and what you want to see.

Unfollowing someone noisy is a good first step; muting and blocking them is more aggressive. All of these are reversible decisions. I’ve ended up following people I’ve blocked because I made a mistaken snap judgment. Other people act as “signal boosters,” Retweeting and quote Tweeting important/quality stuff from others. You can stay on top of interesting but noisy people by leaning on others who do the filtering work for you.

“I mute the nitpickers, block the outraged, like the kind, follow the insightful.”

- Naval Ravikant

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