Things That Do Not Matter

Let's explore the things that do not matter while marketing yourself.

Appealing to everybody

It does not matter if you don’t seem appealing to everyone.

Short-term optimizations

  • Day of the week and time of day that you post
  • Short term analytics (e.g., weekly traffic)
  • It’s not really that they don’t matter; it’s just that you should be working on more evergreen things that make short-term nonsense irrelevant.

Being a celebrity

  • It’s better to be rich and unknown than poor and famous. If you can build a successful tech career without being a celebrity, then absolutely do that — unless you just crave the attention.
  • I haven’t mentioned followers once in this entire section. You can buy followers, and everyone can tell. It looks sad.
  • Building real relationships with peers and mentors you respect is way more fulfilling than raw numerical mass appeal.

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