You Already Know What Good Personal Marketing Is

Let's explore what good personal marketing is.

Good marketing

You may not feel confident in practicing good marketing, but you should realize you are being marketed at ALL. THE. TIME. Therefore, you can be a world-class expert in marketing that resonates with you. That’s the kind of personal marketing that you can practice, not that other scammy, sleazy, invasive, privacy destroying kind.

You’ve almost certainly already benefited from good marketing. You found out about something from someone somewhere, that registered a hook in your mind and eventually drove you to check it out, and now you cannot function without it.

Register hooks in people’s minds

You also certainly want to benefit from marketing in the other direction: you want to be that thing that others find out about from someone somewhere. You want to register hooks in people’s minds. You want to drive people to check you out, and you want people to prioritize working with you.

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