What is miner gear?

Reserve the miner gear for when you’ve struck gold–something that resonates with people and that you are also abnormally fascinated by. When you strike gold, you’ll know. Stop and plant your flag; this is where you should definitely choose to become a specialist over a generalist. Then, dig in for years. This is a low-speed, high-power gear.

Dive deep into something nobody else does

The main problem to solve is that something important is too hard, or the world knows too little about something this important. Therefore you dive deep into something nobody else does.

Build community and infrastructure

The creative exhaust you make is very specialized; you do research and build community and infrastructure. Miners are also builders – they build whatever is necessary to achieve that ultimate end goal. What you do is meant to last. Before you, the thing was inaccessible, or impossible. After you, the thing becomes much easier. The world will thank you.

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