Challenge: Deploying APIs

Practice how to automatically deploy our package to the Heroku cloud platform.

We'll cover the following

Using Newman and Heroku

In this exercise, you’ll get a chance to expand the functionality of newman, the automated testing application. This time, along with using the newman library to test our package, you’ll be able to add an additional step that will automatically deploy the package to the Heroku cloud platform.

In this exercise, you’ll need to update the norman utility to handle continuous deployment.

To update the utility, you’ll need to go to the norman/index.js file in the terminal below to locate the commented section with the title add deployment command here. Modify the shell.exec(...) command on the subsequent line to include the correct git command needed to fire off Heroku’s continuous delivery process (you should need just four keywords on a single line to make this work).

Once you have the code updated, run the same command as before (norman assets/api-onboarding,postman_collection.json). If all goes well, you should see your project pushed into production again on the Heroku platform.

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