Heroku Client

Learn how to install and verify the installation of heroku client.

Heroku is the deployment and runtime platform used for all the API services we use in this course. In order to define applications and move code from your local machine to the Heroku platform, you need to install the Heroku client command-line application.

Heroku Account: You’ll need to create an account and password on the Heroku platform so that you can use the client application to deploy your API code to Heroku.

Checking for the Heroku client

To see if you have the Heroku client already installed on your local machine, just type the following on the command line:

heroku -v

If the application is available, you should see a response that includes version information for the installed release on your machine. For example, the response might look like this:

heroku/7.60.2 linux-x64 node-v12.22.12

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