Updating an API Project

Learn how to add assets to an API project.

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Adding assets

Now that we’ve created our ALPS description document for the Onboarding API and used the ALPS file to generate basic human-readable API documentation, it’s time to add these two important assets to our ongoing project. That means first adding them to the project repository and then updating the package.json file.

The first step is to make sure both the OnboardingAPI.yaml ALPS file and the OnboardingAPI.md API documentation files are placed in our onboarding-api folder. We can keep these kinds of documents in a project subfolder named assets. This is the folder we use to hold important files that aren’t required for the build or the runtime of the API. Your team may have another common place for these kinds of files, or you may prefer to place them somewhere else. It’s up to you.

Once we place them in our project, we need to add them to our Git repository. Committing our Onboarding API files to the repository looks like this:

git add assets

git commit -m "add onboarding api assets"

Once they’ve been added to our repository, we can update our package.json file with Onboarding assets to include them, too.

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