Solution: Understanding HTTP, REST, and APIs

Let’s try to push our local changes to the shared GitHub repository in the cloud.


The task in this exercise is to move the services folder (and all the API calls stored there) into the project repository we created earlier.

To keep things clear, we’ll start from the beginning by creating a new onboarding folder, making it a Git repository, and then copying the services folder into the repository and committing the changes.

Note: You can see the services folder’s content by executing the cd services and ls commands in the terminal provided below.

Here’s a step-by-step solution.

Creating local Git repository

First, create the onboarding project folder and change the directory to that new folder:

root@educative:/$ mkdir onboarding

root@educative:/$ cd onboarding


Next, make this new empty folder into a Git repository:

root@educative:/onboarding$ git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/mca/onboarding/.git/ 


Next, let’s add a README file to the repository. It’s always a good idea to use README files to help remember what’s in the repository and why it was created. For this example, we can create a simple text file that contains the following text and save it to the disk as a file named

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