Challenge: Designing APIs

Practice resolving names and creating a WSD file using a sample Credit-Check service.

We'll cover the following


We have already created the WSD documents for our API workflow. That meant resolving the names and creating a WSD file that can be rendered into a completed PNG diagram.

For this exercise, you’ll do the same work using a sample Credit-Check service. This is a service that our customer (BigCo Inc.) wants to eventually build and may, at some future point, include in the Onboarding API project. It’s a simple service that supports a checkCredit method while passing the companyName and returns a rating value between 1 and 10. The story document ( and other supporting documents have been uploaded onto the Educative platform.

Note: You can execute the ls command to view all the supporting documents in the terminal. Then use the cat command to read any document and the nano command to update any document.

The following is the credit-check-workflow.txt document as a reference:

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