Challenge: Modeling APIs

Try to model APIs on Credit-Check service.

We'll cover the following


In this exercise, you’ll get a chance to work on modeling your own modified version of the Onboarding API. This timeyou’ll include the work of BigCo’s credit manager in the overall workflow. You’ll also be able to look at the form the credit manager uses for their work and convert that into your own internal cycles document to be used later (when we want to update the Onboarding API).

Follow the steps provided below to complete this challenge:

  1. To start, move to the credit-check folder and take a look at the credit manager’s form as well as the credit-check story documents located in this folder.

  2. Update the provided and partially filled-in credit-check-workflow.txt document to create your own workflow (credit-check-workflow.txt) that identifies all the actions needed to support the file.

Note: You can use the cat command to view the story document and the nano credit-check-workflow.txt command to edit the workflow document. Press “Ctrl + S” and “Ctrl + X” after editing the document to save and exit.

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