Challenge: Understanding HTTP, REST, and APIs

Try to push local changes to the shared GitHub repository in the cloud.

We'll cover the following


A folder named services has been provided that contains a series of API calls (via HTTP). We’ve used curl to make requests to BigCo’s existing services and saved the responses to that folder.

Note: You can see the services folder’s content by executing cd services and ls commands in the terminal provided below.

The task for this challenge is to move the services folder (and all the API calls stored there) into the project repository.

Follow the steps provided below to complete this challenge:

  1. Create a directory named onboarding and initialize an empty Git repository using the git init command.
  2. Copy the ch02-http/ file to the onboarding folder using cp command.
  3. Move to the onboarding folder and add the file to Git using the add command.
  4. Commit the changes using git commit -m"Add Readme file".
  5. Execute git status to check the status.
  6. Move the services folder to the onboarding folder by executing the mv ../services . command in onboarding.
  7. Now, use git add and git commit commands to commit those changes to the local repository.
  8. Then use the git push command to push local changes to the shared GitHub repository in the cloud. To push local changes to the public GitHub repository, execute git remote add origin, git branch -M main, and git push -u origin master. Use your GitHub repository link instead of mamund/onboarding.git.

Note: Don’t forget to use the git config command before committing any changes to the repository.


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