Solution: Deploying APIs

Let’s automatically deploy our package to the Heroku cloud platform.


Most of the work of deploying our API project into production is handled by the Heroku CLI Client we reviewed previously. However, we need to manually deploy the application (in other words, type in the proper command in the command window) in order to complete the deployment process. That means our current level of automation is at continuous delivery.

This challenge was for you to elevate your deployment automation to continuous deployment. In other words, to automate that last step of deploying into production. To do that, you were given a hint to modify the norman test runner tool we used previously, to not only automate the testing, but also automate the final production deployment. You even got the hint that you only needed to modify a single line of the test runner script to do that.

Sample source code for the norman utility

Another copy of the source code for the norman utility can be found in the terminal below. If you open the norman/index.js file in that folder, you’ll find the following:

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