The API Reusable Build Process

Learn about the API build process and how to make it reusable.

It’s time to open our code editor and write some Node.js that results in a fully functional working API!

The role of Gehry’s sketches, which we looked at previously, is to test ideas out quickly. The dressmaker’s practice of making a toile or muslin before committing to creating the final garment is a way to ensure we’ve explored as many aspects of a complicated design as we can before we actually turn it into a reality. We’ve already taken the time to do a bit of exploration, so we should have enough feedback from our potential users and enough evidence from our work with prototyping to know which design we want to use and how we want to approach it. This feedback and evidence will guide us as we finally work through the process of writing our code and getting the API up and running.

Building APIs

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