Solution: Describing APIs

Learn to create the accompanying ALPS description document for the Credit-Check service.

The exercise is to use the assets we created before (shown in the terminal below). This allows us to create a complete API description document in the Application-Level Profile Semantics (ALPS) format. This involves collecting all the properties and actions in our design document and coding them into the ALPS machine-readable format.

Using the ALPS JSON starter file

When we open the ALPS JSON starter file for this exercise (credit-check-alps.json), we’ll see all of the top-level elements we’ll need for this solution: alps, title, and doc. There’s nothing to add there. We’ll also see the top-level descriptor collection with initial elements for the ratingId property, the ratingItem container, and a couple of actions (home and checkCreditHistory). These give us a pretty good hint about how to complete our version of the document. The starter file looks like:

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